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Re: Please read the rules
« Reply #75 on: 13 July, 2017, 22:17:05 »
Just another reminder of why we don't pick locks in use...

Just had a lad who got into trouble picking the front door lock with his new Southord set. Pick got stuck and he had to drill the lock out and with nowhere to get a replacement at this time of night he had to pay for a locksmith to come and sort it out for him.

On the plus side, he called me and I was able to give him an old lock to play with and I directed him to the forum so hopefully he will have learnt his lesson and has found a good hobby.
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Re: Please read the rules
« Reply #76 on: 05 August, 2017, 00:35:37 »
OK, I've said 'hello' and been bowled over by the awesomely warm reception (thank you all) and now I've read and understood the Rules. I'm thinking that deserves a fresh brew of coffee and a stroll round the boards.
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Re: Please read the rules
« Reply #77 on: 08 November, 2017, 21:35:24 »
I have read the rules, they  seem very reasonable.

Many thanks


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Re: Please read the rules
« Reply #78 on: 23 December, 2017, 23:30:06 »
Read, taken on Board  tup