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Forum Rules / Re: Please read the rules
« Last Post by jaydee on 23 November, 2012, 13:10:53 »
Well now these are certainly rules one can live with.....
If you are encountering any problems in registering an account please feel free to contact Pickwizard via email @

Sorry for any inconvenience cause but these restrictions are in place to help stop spammers ruining the site.

Registration problems? Please read (Guests) / Whats in here
« Last Post by Pickwizard on 03 May, 2011, 18:01:59 »
We run a UK based locksport forum where people from around the world share their lock picking accomplishments.

Hobbiest and locksmiths alike are welcome.

To read the whole uklocksport lock section just join the forum, say hi and enjoy  :welc:

Forum Rules / Re: Please read the rules
« Last Post by waddac2 on 16 December, 2010, 01:07:24 »
Nice one Wiz........ Yes guys all is welcome from Newbies, and all welcome from Pros

Or sould I Say Wiz, Forum is for all you guys trying, and getting better, so well done

If Helpin any way as A newbs, Pop A Post On As I have Been There, As Others Have

Forum Rules / Please read the rules
« Last Post by Pickwizard on 11 December, 2010, 17:30:51 »
Last edit: 31 July 2018

Please read the rules every so often as they may change without notice

0. Your First Post - your first post on the site should be in the new members section. Please do not post anywhere else until you introduce yourself - this is so that we can all get to know each other and welcome you properly into the community.

1. Destructive Entry -  Posts that include any technique that is considered as a method of destructive entry are not permitted on any part of the forum. This forum is purely a non-destructive site dedicated to locksport.

2. Automotive Locks - Posts that include the picking, bypassing or any other methods of opening automotive locks are not permitted on any part of the forum .... because

3. Safes and Safe Locks - Posts that include the picking, bypass or manipulation of safe locks are not permitted on the open forum .... because

4. Bypass Techniques - Posts that include lock bypass techniques (including combination locks) are not permitted on the open forum .... because

5. Locks in Use - Posts that include the picking or bypass of locks in use are not permitted on open forum ..... because and because

6. Locks Owned by Others – Posts that include the picking of locks not in use that do not belong to you are not permitted on the open forum without permission from the owner of the lock.

7. Registration Agreement - All members are expected to abide by the Registration Agreement they agreed to when signing up to be a forum member.

8. Competitions - A member running the competition can make their own rules, but unless otherwise stated, a member needs to have at least 10 rep points to enter a competition.

9. External Links and sites - Members are allowed to post links to other sites, if they are relevant to the topic in question.
If a member wishes to post forum links to any other site a link back to this forum is necessary, and permission must be obtained from the forum Admin before hand.

You are not permitted to promote other sites or shops without prior permission from Admin, this includes videos, photos or posts.

10. Signatures - Links to other sites in signatures are not permitted without prior permission from the Admin.

11. Copyright - Links to copyrighted material or plagiarising of material outside the forum are not permitted.

12. Issue Resolution and Final Decision - If an issue or decision cannot be settled by PM discussion or mediation, then Admin members will make a final decision. Discussion of issues should be in private rather than in the open forum.

13. Downloaded Material - Members accept responsibility to scan any materials downloaded from the forum for malware. Admin can accept no responsibility for any damage in these cases.

14. Login - A member is allowed one login to this forum, any member with more than a single login will be warned and if that is ignored, they will be banned. If for some reason a second login is needed, please contact the Admin. No exceptions to this rule.

15. Login - Please remember you must be 18 or over to use this forum.

16. Selling - A member is only permitted to sell items on the forum, if they abide by the Selling Rules.

17. Private Messaging - Please do not send Private Messages to members with unsolicited or cold questions. Use the forum, that's what it's here for, plus it helps others with the same question.

18. Private Message Contents - While Private Messages allow members to communicate outside of the forum topics, please remember these communications are stored in the forums database, and they are accessible by administrators, if required by law or that illegal activities or infringement of the forum rules is strongly suspected.

19. Forum Chat - All members are welcome to participate in the Forum Chat. Access is given through requests here, once a member has introduced themselves. However, if a member is seen to participate in abuse, spam or disharmony, access will be immediately withdrawn.

20. Play Nice - Complaints of harassment, flaming or insulting behaviour towards a member, Mods or Admin members can result in a temporary or permanent ban. This also refers to members whose forum activities become persistently difficult to deal with and interferes with the harmony of the community or the duties of Mods or Admin. In short, play nice.

21. Hacking - Circumventing, attempting to circumvent, or facilitating circumvention of forum access levels or security measures can be grounds for an immediate ban without warning.

Please read the rules every so often as they may change without notice  ;)
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