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Evening all!

Being on the autism spectrum, I regularly develop intensive interests... so I guess this is the latest one 🤷🏻‍♂️

Like most, I bought a cheap set of picks and transparent locks off amazon. Soon after that I had the p.o.s Master padlock cracked off the back gate, the front and back doors open, and an Abus 70IB/45 that was in a drawer followed shortly after.

So what’s stunted my progress? A £5 Wilko 40mm laminated padlock... Can I find the setting order? Nope. Am I forever oversetting pins in it? You bet. Is it driving me crazy? Slightly.

Can’t wait to get deeper into the hobby though and get round to some different picks and locks once funds allow.

See you around!
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How do :welc:

And a deep rabbit hole it is,you will love this hobby, there's a lot to learn and try.

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I wish I had a "welcome template" like some of the others here, saying to read the rules etc. Just do as they say! :)

There's a wealth of information on this forum and if you can't find what you're after just ask.

Don't be afraid of posting photos of locks you pick on the way as we all like pictures, no matter how easy they are to open. Everybody started somewhere and like seeing people progress. You don't have to pick a Medico to get a +1! In fact there's a whole thread on "What you didn't pick today"' :)

More than anything, have fun and keep it legal!

Be careful of picking locks in use. Not only is it against the rules on this forum you could actually damage the lock so the key no longer works etc.

I think I've just written my first "welcome template"
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Hi :welc:

Have a read of the rules and a good look around. welc :06: welc

You've come to the right place for all things Locksport. :08:

Lots of friendly folk to help you along your journey. :88:

Ask loads of questions and post loads of pics. welc
You must always remember, it's the lock that chooses the pick, not you.
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Mate, you really have no idea just how deep this rabbit hole goes. There 's enough things in the locking realm to get interested in to last a lifetime.

An awful lot of folks into locks are on the Aspergers / Autistic spectrum as well, believe me you're in good company.
Michael Maynard.

"Work is the curse of the safecracking classes" - GravityKarma
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^ yep
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Welcome, another spectrumer here, also got the bug big time! Promised the mrs the order I placed yesterday would be the last one for a while.. let's see how long that lasts!
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Hi and welcome, this sport is one big rainbow, enjoy all the colours and shades.
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