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Rattle that keyboard a bit and say hi, introduce yourself or tell us why you're here. For new members this is your first port of call
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Hi I've been doing security checks and fitting locks for the last 8 years among other stuff (carpenter by trade) didnt really get in to opening locks until last February when my work place finally put me on a 4 day locksmith course but they didnt teach lock picking or how to get into higher security locks so started watching YouTube vids to teach myself and found locksport 6 pick sets later and I think just a hobby now lol
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hey and welcome
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How do :welc:
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Welcome to the friendliest corner of the internet.
Currently looking to trade a bunch of challenge locks. PM me!
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Welcome aboard to the forum, good to have you here :)

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welc :s_hi:

Nice to meet you :) read the rules, check out some old threads and join in the fun!

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Hi and wellcome to the forum, you have already picked a nice lock and given that information to the forum, in my mind a nice start.thats the main way of enjoying both this sport and the people in it. carpentry is a hands on trade involving many tools,and lock sport in some sense is no different,finding the right tool to help you with a particular lock is half the fun .Good and sound practice will always be the best policy, if you get stuck just ask !! loads of help is always here.
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