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Hi Folks

I'm so pleased to have found this group. I am very new to Lock Sport. I have Single pin picked 6 locks so far. Most of these from boot sales. I live in Horley Surrey. I spend hours watching the usual suspects on the youtubes!!

As with most people I went and brought a really Poo set of picks, china made I guess. However, I am about to spend £100 ish on picks. If any of you have any tips I would be sooooooo very grateful. I don't want to get it wrong again.

Really looking forward to chatting with you soon.

Kind regards

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Welcome on board.

Personally i am a Sparrows fanboy. A lot of people in here will most likely advice you to buy a Law Lock set.

Tbh any if the bigger manafactures will do you good.

I Will advice you to post which set you are gonna buy though. Just so you dont buy a lot if things you dont need and might miss some essentials. You Can get a lot of picks for 100 pounds. And just a short hook, some good tensioners and some deep hooks Will get you far.
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I'm new to picking, but not to making things and the lawlock picks I've got recently are nice bits of kit.
I've also had a lot of success modifying a cheap pick set. The difference that a bit of sanding makes is significant.
Currently looking to trade a bunch of challenge locks. PM me!
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Hi and wellcome to the forum, the two sets mentioned above are both fine, but you do not need lots of picks to get started,have a good look and then get some advice on the forum, enjoy.
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Buy the Law Lock Tools Valerian set, it will set you back 40 quid ( free shipping) and is very very complete.
It will literally last for years and has just about all the wrenches and picks you will need for those years.
https://www.lawlocktools.co.uk/Lock-Pic ... uct_id=100
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The set @TonyS linked to is really a complete set.
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How do :welc:
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Hi Jon welc
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Hi and welcome
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Hi :welc:

Have a read of the rules and a good look around. welc :06: welc

You've come to the right place for all things Locksport. :08:

Lots of friendly folk to help you along your journey. :88:

Ask loads of questions and post loads of pics. welc
You must always remember, it's the lock that chooses the pick, not you.
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welc :s_hi:

Nice to meet you :) read the rules, check out some old threads and join in the fun!

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