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Forum Rules / Re: Forum Etiquette
« Last Post by Scope on 27 December, 2016, 19:51:32 »
Thread bump, good information for all new members.

Forum Rules / Re: Please read the rules
« Last Post by Lock_Noob on 28 November, 2016, 14:26:44 »
Hi Bumper@654, it appears that despite quoting all the rules, you failed to comply with the first one. Pop over to the 'introduce yourself' thread and tell us a little about yourself  :)
Forum Rules / Re: Please read the rules
« Last Post by Bumper@654 on 28 November, 2016, 14:05:21 »
 :s_hi: :sign0144:
Last edit: 26 July 2016

Please read the rules every so often as they may change without notice

0. Your First Post - your first post on the site should be in the new members section. Please do not post anywhere else until you introduce yourself - this is so that we can all get to know each other and welcome you properly into the community.

1. Destructive Entry - No destructive entry questions or discussions are permitted in an open forum, do not ask! This forum is purely a non destructive site dedicated to hobby lockpickers.

2. Vehicle Locks - Topics that include subject matter on vehicle locks (picking, bypassing or other  method) are not permitted on the open forum .... because

3. Safes and Safe Locks - Topics that include subject matter on safes or their locking mechanisms are not permitted on the open forum .... because

4. Bypass Techniques - Topics that include subject matter on lock bypass techniques (including combination locks) are not permitted on the open forum .... because

5. Locks in Use - We are a locksport site, please do not ask about or show the picking of locks which are in use or do not belong to you ..... because and because

6. Registration Agreement - All members are expected to abide by the Registration Agreement they agreed to when signing up to be a forum member.

7. Competitions - A member running the competition can make their own rules, but unless otherwise stated, a member needs to have at least 10 rep points to enter a competition.

8. External Links - A member is allowed to post links to other sites, if they are relevant to the topic in question. If a member wishes to post forum links to any  other site a link back to the forum is necessary, and permission must be obtained from the forum Admin

9. Signatures - Links to other sites in signatures are not permitted without prior permission from the Admin.

10. Copyright - Links to copyrighted material or plagiarising of material outside the forum are not permitted.

11. Issue Resolution and Final Decision - If an issue or decision cannot be settled by PM discussion or mediation, then Admin members will make a final decision. Discussion of issues should be in private rather than in the open forum.

12. Downloaded Material - Members accept responsibility to scan any materials downloaded from the forum for malware. Admin can accept no responsibility for any damage in these cases.

13. Login - A member is allowed one login to this forum, any member with more than a single login will be warned and if that is ignored, they will be banned. If for some reason a second login is needed, please contact the Admin. No exceptions to this rule.

14. Login - Please remember you must be 18 or over to use this forum.

15. Selling - A member is only permitted to sell items on the forum, if they abide by the Selling Rules.

16. Private Messaging - Please do not send Private Messages to members with unsolicited or cold questions. Use the forum, that's what it's here for, plus it helps others with the same question.

17. Private Message Contents - While Private Messages allow members to communicate outside of the forum topics, please remember these communications are stored in the forums database, and they are accessible by administrators, if required by law or that illegal activities or infringement of the forum rules is strongly suspected.

18. Forum Chat - All members are welcome to participate in the Forum Chat. Access is given through requests here, once a member has introduced themselves. However, if a member is seen to participate in abuse, spam or disharmony, access will be immediately withdrawn.

19. Play Nice - Complaints of harassment, flaming or insulting behaviour towards a member, Mods or Admin members can result in a temporary or permanent ban. This also refers to members whose forum activities become persistently difficult to deal with and interferes with the harmony of the community or the duties of Mods or Admin. In short, play nice.

20. Hacking - Circumventing, attempting to circumvent, or facilitating circumvention of forum access levels or security measures can be grounds for an immediate ban without warning.

Please read the rules every so often as they may change without notice  ;)
Forum Rules / Re: Please read the rules
« Last Post by graybo on 05 October, 2016, 19:50:27 »
Read the rules very sensible, love the forum can't wait to get started
Well done
Forum Rules / Re: Forum Etiquette
« Last Post by Iamgod on 13 August, 2016, 08:48:54 »
I know rich poor memes post he he  :) why everyone so serious meant to enjoy hobbies have a laugh  :19:
Forum Rules / Re: Forum Etiquette
« Last Post by waddac2 on 12 August, 2016, 16:28:53 »
Myself and Iamgod a great forum mates and were just having a huge laugh  :57:

Well some one has to as everyone else has turned so boring  :D
Forum Rules / Re: Forum Etiquette
« Last Post by meme on 11 August, 2016, 14:15:19 »
that's ok, I don't mind an odd diversion - part of the fun of the forum

Forum Rules / Re: Forum Etiquette
« Last Post by Iamgod on 11 August, 2016, 14:03:31 »
 :sorry:  :72:
Forum Rules / Re: Forum Etiquette
« Last Post by meme on 11 August, 2016, 00:56:56 »
thread has been cleaned - play nice - if you have a joke then make sure its good lol
Forum Rules / Forum Etiquette
« Last Post by meme on 23 July, 2016, 00:33:21 »
I thought I would take the time to come up with some suggestions for Forum Etiquette on UKLS - this is work in progress and by no means complete or even finalised - at the moment it is just personal opinion but I would like some of you to put forward suggestions for improvement - I feel that it may be a tad too long so I definitely need help there - essentially this is your forum so please contribute

The ethos of UKLS as I see it is based on support & encouragement especially for new member & new pickers, and works on trust & respect - with this in mind I drew up the following for consideration - these are not rules that must be followed but are more guidelines if we want our ethos to continue

(the following has be made up, copied, plagiarised, and twisted from various sources)

  • If someone sends you something then when you receive it acknowledge it in PM to the sender or post it in the received today thread - when you pick someone else’s lock then please acknowledge the owner
  • Be nice with packages and possibly include a sweety or two – I love sweeties
  • @meme is special so please be nice to him - he only wants to be loved
  • Say "thank you" when appropriate
  • Don't repeatedly badger folks looking for stuff – especially if you are a new member
  • We are a community run on trust and respect – these are built up quickest through contribution
  • Even if @coyote makes a dog's dinner out of a gutting you should mention the good things as well (if any)
  • Read the forums rules before posting for the first time
  • Search is your friend
  • No such thing as a silly question
  • Use a meaningful title for your thread – “Birdy Guts” means nothing to most folks and isn't even humorous
  • Be civil - personal differences should be handled through PM or escalation to a mod and not through posts on the open forum
  • Stay on topic – by the way, my boss told me to have a good day …… so I went home
  • Do not double post (post the same message twice in one thread) or cross post (place the same message in multiple threads)
  • Try not to hijack any of @Baldiloks' threads (too often)
  • Derailing threads is not very nice - apologies are in order when that happens - exception is when the other mods hijack & derail my threads since I don't have anyone to complain to
  • The members of UKLS are generous to a fault – new members should not abuse this with a “Take” attitude – give first, build up your trust, and the rest will follow
  • When replying to a post, do not quote more from the previous post than you have to
  • Watch your sense of humour – if you don't have one then please borrow from someone else – unless you are @dirk or @Foxxy3, Germans don't normally have a sense of humour so be aware that all humour may not translate so well – what is funny in one culture may not be in another
  • Even though forum registration requires you to be over 18 this is primarily a locksport forum and not an adult forum - (though I like an odd tease)
  • Do not post any information that you want private - posts and pics should not contain personal information
  • Be patient when waiting for a reply from another member and don't hassle them - real life may have intervened
  • Do not double post (post the same message twice in one thread) or cross post (place the same message in multiple threads)
  • Give the benefit of doubt to the other person – tone is very hard to get across in text
  • Be kind to new members – (one day they might be a mod)
  • Lurking is of course permitted but participation is valued
  • I have found that the fastest way to learn something is to try and teach it to someone else – be generous with your knowledge
  • Respect diversity: religious, ethnic, cultural, gender, intellectual, and even the odd cartoon character
  • Please, no tantrums, or rants about folks – if you are extremely annoyed at something or someone then the best thing is to take a break – when you come back then take it up in PM or with a mod
  • Absolutely no posting of other folk’s personal information under any circumstances
  • Pics of @Baldoloks and Snowdon is the new “Kilroy was here” if used appropriately and only if your name is Simon
  • New to picking pin tumblers? having a browse of Solomon's Guide might answer a lot of your initial questions
  • When asking for help, be sure to mention what you have tried yourself first - pics also help a lot - otherwise the answers you may get could be unpredictable
  • Not everyone knows who Ben or @coyote or Rich or Andy or Tom or Jon may be so if the context is not clear then use their profile id
  • Play nice (this is both Rule #18 and good etiquette
  • Don't be like the pic below

(suggestions incorporated from @markd and @landownunder and @Baldoloks and @mech and @Scope and @MrAnybody and @janneo64)
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